Theresa Aigner

Theresa AignerTheresa Aigner (Vienna & Upper Austria) – It rarely happens, that there is an open position of the music group  “The Tanzgeiger”. However, on the 1st of January 2015 this unusual event took place following the retirement of Walter Burian. Theresa, currently studying for a master’s degree in violin pedagogy at the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts, was a young student of violin, who was taught by Rudi Pietsch at the university, became a member of the group.

Theresa has left the first conductor's stand from the “Upper Austria Youth-Symphony” to take on this challenge. In a very short time she acquired the extensive repertoire of “The Tanzgeiger".  Since then she enriches the group with her soft musicality, virtuous violin technique and an intuition for harmony, high spirits and stability. Along with her activities in folk music, she also plays in classical orchestras such as the Vienna Mozart Orchestra and in a traditional Viennese Schrammelquartett, Wiener Pretiosen.